AQUIESSE Candles will captivate you with fragrance that will help you relax, breath, dream & enjoy life! Unsurpassed in burn quality & fragrance performance. Pure fragrance, pure wax, pure wick, pure heaven.

AQUIESSE Candles offer the combination of talent and research of the world’s leading perfumers, offered as a collection of creatively balanced and nature-inspired scents. While the collection offers a vast array of scents, its inspiration was the broad range of indigenous scents of the coastal region of Central California including floral, fruits and citrus, ocean spray, and mountain air notes. AQUIESSE uses proprietary soy wax blends which provide the perfect canvas for their artistic fragrance creations.

AQUIESSE evolved through the dreams of a little boy who had a passion for experimenting with aromas by combining his not so thrilled mother’s personal collection of refined, pricey bottles of perfume. This behavior would soon introduce a company in Santa Barbara, CA that would prove this little boy’s past annoying antics to have been quite worthwhile. This company is now backed by some of the most talented researchers in the world and these outstanding perfumers have presented some of the most harmonious, nature-influenced fragrances.

AQUIESSE Candles and Diffusers are found in a variety of fragrances, but the original scents were created from an assorted selection of ingredients found amongst the coastal region of Central California. The amazing scents of these candles and diffusers consist of clean mountain air, sweet florals, quenching fruits & citrus, fresh ocean spray and much more. In July of 2005, after long hours of research, they were first introduced by way of an old-world candle making technique.

This technique of making candles produces the most admired candles in the world, as they have been made this way in Paris for hundreds of years. This style of candle making simply cannot be matched by the modern way of making candles. They are only made with all natural fragrances and products, providing a fragrance that stays true through from the beginning to the end of the burn time, often making them the preferred candle of celebrities and interior decorators.

Because AQUIESSE Candles are made in this traditional way that dates back generations, Aquiesse can compete with the best and most respected candle makers in the industry. The use of a carefully developed soy wax blend, made from organic soybean oil and other natural ingredients, is the secret to the perfect candle base for these luscious fragrances.

All of the candles and diffusers are developed with great care and grouped into two collections: The Portfolio collection – inspired by the fascination of the natural beauty and scents of California, and the Exotic collection — inspired by the graceful beauty of worldly and alluring aromas. They are stylishly boxed and make an ideal gift for every candle admirer.