Handmade in the United States by American Artisans

In a world where craftsmanship and quality have become almost entirely replaced by industrial methods of production and inferior quality goods, we hold to the principle that the fine design and quality of our products has absolute priority.

In a world of convenient shortcuts we take none. Modern “gold” electroplating is usually done over cheap base metals like lead or zinc, on top of which “faux gold” finishes are applied. We start with our superb Extra Fine Pewter and electroplate it ourselves with real gold and hand finish it to achieve our authentic 18kt gold patinas. It looks like real gold because it is, guaranteed.

Our idea was to offer functional 3 dimensional art castings representing the great historical art movements.  Since then the world around us has seen great change, but our commitment to excellence remains the same. We just keep getting better at the same old thing. We like it that way and so do our customers throughout the world.

Constantine Elias
Master Artisan