sherri_baldySherri Baldy is an innovative Designer and Artist.

“Embellish Your Life”

“Live a Positive Life”

Sherri is proud to say… “One of my favorite things I have done is design a one of a kind doll that was commissioned by Mark Victor Hansen (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) to be given as a Christmas gift to Oprah Winfery. Mark said that he had seen one of my dolls and that is how he found me. 

Sherri’s Passion for whimsical led her into worlds of Fantasy and Embellishment. She believes that we must live a Positive, creative life everyday.

These whimsical worlds come from her life long love of fantasy. As a little girl, she danced and played with imaginary fairies, and swam with invisible mermaids.

She pushed her beloved frogs and toads in her baby buggy and collected snails from under the garden leaves, knowing there were secret magical worlds hidden there.

Her studio is now in her home town of sunny California, USA. Her studio is surrounded by beautiful gardens filled with waterfalls, mountains and beaches which provides her with wonderful visions of mermaids, fairies, dragons, castles and garden elves.

 Sherri truly hopes you find her “Feel Good Art” enchanting. She hopes it will touch the child in your heart, and take you to the happy place deep in the realm of fantasy and back into your childhood dreams.